Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting and semantic highlighting in Visual Studio makes your code more colorfull. This will help you to identify variables, methods, method parameters, classes, structs, enums and much more faster than ever. Codinion provides 2 color themes which are adjusted for the light or dark theme of Visual Studio. It is possible to change the text or background color. Furthermore you can even change the text style to bold or italic. If that isn’t enough you can add an overline or underline, which are fully customable in color and dash style.

Supported Languages:

– C#
– Visual Basic


Open File in Solution

Find files inside any project or solution even faster with search patterns and open it directly.

Open Symbol in Solution

Search the whole solution for any syntax symbol like namespace, classes, methods and many more.

Symbol Searchbar
Jump to any symbol inside the current file.
CamelCase Searching
For example: “ThisIsAFileName.txt” can be found with: tiafn, thisiafn, tiafile.txt, thfilname
  • Open File in Solution


Visual Studio Banner are very helpful when working with source control systems, like git or svn. It replaces the live preview of the windows taskbar icon from visual studio. The banner contains the  opened solution, branch(can be extracted via regular expressions from the solution path) and the current opened document name. The way how it displays this information is fully customizable. Every banner can be branch dependent which helps to identify the needed solution even faster.


JumpList: The JumpList is a Windows feature, which manages the recently opened files for all kind of applications. You can open the list by right clicking the icon of the application on the taskbar. For Visual Studio it shows recently opened solution or project files, which can even be pinned on that list. The problem is it only shows file names and only in the tooltip the full path to the files.

Codinion allows you to automatically rename the recent entries based on its path via regular expressions. For example you have multiple branches with the same solution file. The JumpList would show you just three times the solution file name(Image 1) but with Codinion you could have the branch name extracted from the path and attached to the name. (Image 2)

Codinion provides as well the ability to add permanent categories with custom entries(Image 3). Which helps to keep the list structured and sorted. You can add links to any file or directory(will be opened with the explorer).




Visual Studio 2017: If the lightweight solution loading is enabled, codinion does not know about not loaded projects. If the syntax highlighting is partly not working or files are missing from the Solution File Navigator, try to load the needed projects by decollapsing them in the solution explorer.

If you had the Beta(with VS 17 suppport) installed before please uninstall it before switching to the Release version, otherwise you will end up with 2 Codinion extensions installed.

Stable (
Beta ( 


You found a bug and want report it.
You have an idea to make codinion better.


Change Log

Version (Download)
  • added option(General section) to select search algorithm (“Camel Case” or the old “Include Exclude Acronym”)
Version (Download)
  • (FS 94) fixed null reference in SymbolSearchBar
  • (FS 89) fixed syntax highlighting not working when opening visual studio directly with a solution
  • (FS 87) Syntax highlighting could be broken when editing document with conditional compilation instructions
  • (FS 93) Project Property changes does not get tracked
  • (FS 63) CamelCase searching for SolutionFileNavigator, SolutionSymbolNavigator and SymbolSearchbar
  • (FS 89) fixed not working syntax highlighting when creating new csharp library
  • (FS 86) Visual Studio 2017 Support
  • (FS 84) Option to disable search while typing
  • (FS 72) Sorting of recently used items in ViusalStudio JumpList
Version (Download)
  • fixed highlighting got not removed for breakpoints
  • more bugfixes for Visual Studio crashes
Version (Download)
  • bugfixes for Visual Studio crashes
Version (Download)
  • Bug: breakpoints didn’t disabled highlighting

Version (Download)
  • bug fixes

Version (Download)
  • (FS 79) fixed switching default themes not working
  • (FS 78) fixed string highlighting not worked for new C# 6 interpolated strings
  • codinions options window is now separeted from the visual studio options
  • (FS 74) fixed disabled symbol searchbar still visible
  • added syntax highlighting for SQL Projects
  • (FS 71) fixed bug in Jumplist where the startup modes are not shown
  • (FS 64) Fixed #if area not highlighted when #else was missing
  • (FS 59) Fixed mouse cursor got stuck as arrow
  • (FS 50) Fixed syntax highlighting sometimes not updated correctly
  • Updated Roslyn to version 1.2.2
  • Added Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio Enterprise Editions 2012-2015
  • (FS 58) Changed error log file name format to yyyy_MM_dd
  • (FS 45) Fixed bug: winforms designer changes aren’t recognized
  • Fixed not working “Named Parameter” color
  • fixed bug when removing references from a project
  • (FS 43)fixed reference bug where changes are not recognized if the dll was changed outside of visual studio
  • fixed bug in symbol search bar with deactivated navigation bar
  • added new color option for struct constructors
  • (FS 41) added more options to area highlightings
  • (FS 41) added area highlighting for preprocessor directives and methods
  • fixed bug where breakpoints didn’t disable the highlighting in non english visual studio versions
  • (FS 38) fixed syntax highlighting config bug
  • fixed bug in solution file navigator, not showing some files from shared projects
  • (FS 36) fixed missing font families
  • added syntax highlighting for metadata files
  • (FS 32) added font family setting for syntax highlighting
  • (FS 34) fixed const not recognized inside functions
  • (FS 35) added multiple selection to solution file navigator
  • fixed more bugs with renaming files/folder
  • (FS 31) added decorator for extension methods
  • (FS 33) fixed bug that namespaces were decorated as static
  • fixed missing project references
  • fixed bug with renaming files/folder
  • (FS 29) fixed declaration and struct member decorators not working
  • (FS 30) fixed blurry banner on high dpi
  • (FS 28) fixed deactivated colors still shown
  • ported to Roslyn
  • add Visual Basic syntax highlighting
  • added more options to Visual Studio Banner
  • (FS 27) fixed coloring of multiline strings

  • fixed some crashes

  • fixed crash in Solution File Navigator

  • improved performance of Solution File Navigator and Solution Symbol Navigator
  • smaller bug fixes

  • (FS#26) fixed “value” keyword was not correct colored for indexer property setters, static methods were not correctly recognized
  • (FS#25) fixed jumping font size while refactoring
  • smaller bug fixes and improvements

  • added colorization of find result
  • added Declaration decorator
  • added setting synchronization between multiple visual studio instances
  • added font size to enhanced syntax highlighting
  • added option to override other colorizer
  • added new decorator for: private, protected, internal, public, virtual
  • added advanced highlighting options: background color, overline, custom underline, custom overline
  • added static and const decorator
  • added Visual Studio Jump List Editor
  • added tinting of visual studio icon or complete window title for banners
  • added option to disable mouse wheel zooming
  • added option to show confirmation when closing visual studio
  • added crash reporting
  • added new enhanced syntax highlighting option for parsing files with errors (this was always on but causes problems with font sizes) (FS#21)
  • fixed problem with linked files in multiple projects
  • alot bug fixes and improvements

  • [Bug] fixed problem with projects containing only linked files

  • [Bug] fixed some crashs
  • improved performance of “Find File in Solution”
  • improved check for updates algorithmn

  • [Bug] fixed some crashs
  • removed fixed window size from “Open File in Solution” and “Find Symbol in Solution”

  • [Bug] fixed Visual Studio crash

  • [Bug] fixed plugin description typo
  • [Bug] fixed visual studio banner updating problem
  • [Add] Added syntax highlighting support for WebSites

  • [Bug] fixed loading a theme doesn’t set colors
  • [Bug] fixed renaming / moving of files broke syntax coloring

Version (Download)
  • [Bug] fixed log file name problem
  • [Bug] com references will now be loaded correctly
  • [Bug] fixed “Alt-Arrow Down” opens symbol search bar

  • [Change] Improved caching of files for syntax highlighting
  • [Add] recognition of file changes that happend outside of visual studio
  • [Add] Syntax Highlighting: added external and override
  • [Add] Update available check on visual studio start up
  • [Bug] fixed problem with split view of the same file

  • [Bug] fixed problem if you load a single file without project/solution

  • [Bug] fixed problem if you load a single file without project/solution

  • [Change] Changed coloring of “Class” in “var test = new Class()” to be colored like a class constructor method.

  • [Bug] smaller bug fixes and improvements

  • [Bug] fixed problem that the symbol search bar is shown in the textbox of a conditional breakpoint.

  • Switched to NRefactory 5.5
  • [Bug] fixed bug on inital start when the directory not exists where the settings.xml should be saved

  • [Add] Visual Studio Banner
  • [Add] added named parameter to syntax highlighting
  • [Bug] small bug fixed

  • [Bug] fixed symbol searchbar coloring for light themes (not colored text was white)

  • [Bug] fixed not selected default theme

  • [Bug] fixed color theme was not loaded after restart
  • [Change] settings are now saved as xml file

  • [Bug] color settings wouldn’t updated or saved correctly


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