Version  (Download) 08.11.2020
  • Fixed performance issues with solution load.
Version  (Download) 03.06.2020
  • Fixed bug that an expired licenses does not allow to use versions before the maintenence end date.
Version  (Download) 17.03.2019
  • Visual Studio 2019 Preview support
  • Improved memory usage and performance
  • Bug fixes
Version  (Download) 24.05.2018
  • fixed: Highlighting does not overwrite Visual Studio predefined highlighting
Version  (Download) 10.04.2018
  • fixed: Highlighting does not work correctly until re-setting colors
(FS 119)
  • fixed: license activation showing invalid signature
  • other smaller bug fixes
Version  (Download) 08.04.2018
  • Added .Net Core /.Net Standard support
  • Added editor indicators for throw, return, break, continue, goto and exit
(FS 37)
  • Symbol Search Bar can now be filtered by Type and has an option to Group by Type
(FS 77)
  • Added Syntax Error/Warning Decorator for C# and VB
(FS 73)
  • Added Area Highlights for lock, using, fixed and unsafe for C# and using and sync lock for VB
(FS 100)
  • Reworked Options Dialog to support Visual Studio Themes
  • Improved Visual Studio Jump List Options
  • Removed support for Visual Studio 2013 and 2012
Version  (Download)
  • Switched to .Net Framework 4.6.2
  • Switched to Roslyn 2.2.0
  • Switched to NLog for logging
  • Fixed Codinion Not Working
(FS 106)
Version  (Download)
  • fixed: Projects in Solution Folders within Solution Folders ... got not recognized
(FS 103)
Version  (Download)
  • fixed: Projects in Solution Folders got not recognized
(FS 102)
Version  (Download)
  • fixed: recent entries of Visual Studio 2017 not shown in Jump List
Version  (Download)
  • added option(General section) to select search algorithm (“Camel Case” or the old “Include Exclude Acronym”)
  • fixed null reference in SymbolSearchBar
(FS 94)
  • fixed syntax highlighting not working when opening visual studio directly with a solution
(FS 89)
  • Project Property changes does not get tracked
(FS 93)
  • fixed not working syntax highlighting when creating new CSharp library
(FS 89)
  • Syntax highlighting could be broken when editing document with conditional compilation instructions
(FS 87)
  • Visual Studio 2017 Support
(FS 86)
  • Option to disable search while typing
(FS 84)
  • Sorting of recently used items in VisualStudio JumpList
(FS 72)
  • CamelCase searching for SolutionFileNavigator, SolutionSymbolNavigator and Symbol Search Bar
(FS 63)
  • fixed highlighting got not removed for breakpoints
  • more bug fixes for Visual Studio crashes
  • bug fixes for Visual Studio crashes
  • Bug: breakpoints didn't disabled highlighting
  • bug fixes
  • fixed switching default themes not working
(FS 79)
  • fixed string highlighting not worked for new C# 6 interpolated strings
(FS 78)
  • Codinions options window is now separated from the visual studio options
  • fixed disabled Symbol SearchBar still visible
(FS 74)
  • added syntax highlighting for SQL Projects
  • fixed bug in Jump List where the startup modes are not shown
(FS 71)
  • Fixed #if area not highlighted when #else was missing
(FS 64)
  • Fixed mouse cursor got stuck as arrow
(FS 59)
  • Fixed syntax highlighting sometimes not updated correctly
(FS 50)
  • Updated Roslyn to version 1.2.2
  • Added Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio Enterprise Editions 2012-2015
  • Changed error log file name format to yyyy_MM_dd
(FS 58)
  • Fixed bug: winforms designer changes arn’t recognized
(FS 45)
  • Fixed not working “Named Parameter” color
  • fixed bug when removing references from a project
  • fixed reference bug where changes are not recognized if the dll was changed outside of Visual Studio
(FS 43)
  • fixed bug in symbol search bar with deactivated navigation bar
  • added new color option for struct constructors
  • added more options to area highlights
(FS 41)
  • added area highlighting for preprocessor directives and methods
(FS 41)
  • fixed bug where breakpoints didn't disable the highlighting in non english visual studio versions
  • fixed syntax highlighting config bug
(FS 38)
  • fixed bug in solution file navigator, not showing some files from shared projects
  • fixed missing font families
(FS 36)
  • added syntax highlighting for metadata files
  • added font family setting for syntax highlighting
(FS 32)
  • fixed const not recognized inside functions
(FS 34)
  • added multiple selection to solution file navigator
(FS 35)
  • fixed more bugs with renaming files/folder
(FS 74)
  • added decorator for extension methods
(FS 31)
  • fixed bug that namespaces were decorated as static
(FS 33)
  • fixed missing project references
(FS 74)
  • fixed bug with renaming files/folder
(FS 74)
  • fixed declaration and struct member decorators not working
(FS 29)
  • fixed blurry banner on high dpi
(FS 30)
  • fixed deactivated colors still shown
(FS 28)
  • ported to Roslyn
  • add Visual Basic syntax highlighting
  • added more options to Visual Studio Banner
  • fixed coloring of multi line strings
(FS 27)
  • fixed some crashes
  • fixed crash in Solution File Navigator
  • improved performance of Solution File Navigator and Solution Symbol Navigator
  • smaller bug fixes
  • fixed "value" keyword was not correct colored for indexer property setters, static methods were not correctly recognized
(FS 26)
  • fixed jumping font size while refactoring
(FS 25)
  • smaller bug fixes and improvements
  • added colorization of find result
  • added Declaration decorator
  • added setting synchronization between multiple visual studio instances
  • added font size to enhanced syntax highlighting
  • added option to override other colorizer
  • added new decorator for: private, protected, internal, public, virtual
  • added advanced highlighting options: background color, overline, custom underline, custom overline
  • added static and const decorator
  • added Visual Studio Jump List Editor
  • added tinting of visual studio icon or complete window title for banners
  • added option to disable mouse wheel zooming
  • added option to show confirmation when closing visual studio
  • added crash reporting
  • added new enhanced syntax highlighting option for parsing files with errors (this was always on but causes problems with font sizes)
(FS 21)
  • fixed problem with linked files in multiple projects
  • a lot bug fixes and improvements