Solution File Navigator

The Solution File Navigator finds any file inside the solution incredibly fast. Search directly for files and skip remembering directory hierarchies inside the solution.

Find any file with a minimum amount of typed characters, by using acronyms (Camel Case notation) or substrings of a file name.

Files can be opened directly or located inside the Soultion Explorer of Visual Studio.

Solution Symbol Navigator

The Solution Symbol Navigator can search in the current solution for any code element like classes, structs, methods, properties, fields and more.

Use acronyms (Camel Case notation) or substring matching to speed up the search process.

Jump to the position of the code element inside the editor or locate the containing file inside the Soultion Explorer of Visual Studio.

Symbol Searchbar

The Symbol Searchbar improves the navigation inside large files. You can search for any code element and directly jump at its position insde the file.

The search process can be boosted by using substring matching or acronyms (Camel Case notation).